Gilberts, Illinois

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Volunteers play a crucial role at Project Hope Animal Rescue Foundation, sustaining our mission. Their invaluable assistance enables us to offer ongoing care, affection, and attention to our beloved furry companions until they are united with their permanent families.

We extend a warm invitation to fellow animal enthusiasts and friends to become part of our dedicated team of compassionate volunteers.


While working with animals can be enjoyable and fulfilling, ensuring safety remains our utmost concern for all involved.

Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent at all times.

● In order to maintain continuity and consistency, volunteers are requested to adhere to a regular weekly schedule of at least one hour per week or a cumulative total of 4 hours per month.

● Volunteers are anticipated to adhere to all general guidelines and protocols, which will be provided during orientation.

Opportunities for community service may be open to individuals seeking to fulfill court-appointed hours. However, certain charges may not be eligible for consideration. Court-appointed volunteers will be entitled to general assistance.